Definitions for "Skins"
These days they are a nylon substitute for seal mohair, and are a strip of material either strapped or glued to ski bases to provide phenomenal grip for climbing.
A strip of natural or artificial material that sticks to the bottom of your ski for skiing uphill. Skins allow for smooth uphill movement but catch the snow and don't slip under reverse or downhill pressure.
Strips of synthetic (nylon, mohair or polyurethane) material that are temporarily affixed to the bottoms of skis for traction. Usually used in the backcountry for climbing sustained slopes. Can be affixed with adhesives, clips or both.
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A wager or competition where money is awarded to the golfer with the lowest score on a hole.
Each hole is assigned a "skin". The lowest score on each hole wins the "skin". If the hole is tied by any two or more players, the next hole is worth 2, and so on; thus, there is no winner in the event of a tie. At the end of the round, the prize is divided by the total number of skins won. Four skins can be worth a point or value of choice.
A betting game where the lowest score on a hole wins the pot; if the hole is tied, the money carries over to the next hole.
Skins is a British teen drama from the creators of the UK television series Shameless, and first aired on E4 on 25th January 2007. Skins is one of the first programmes at the forefront of the network Channel 4's aim to start showing more British content on its channels.
The user-created graphical interfaces for MP3 players, games like Quake and other types of software that allow the creation of such custom interfaces.
A mechanism that Saké uses for providing multiple different interfaces to different users simultaneously. More information is available in the Saké customization documentation.
These customise the appearance of media players e.g. RealJukebox.
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an option that changes the layout and the functionality of h2g2.
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cigarette papers
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A furry or hairy skin which attaches to the underside of a cross-country ski which has no pattern or scales. See also: pattern-based skis
The upholstered portion of a systems furniture panel. Easy to remove and re-upholster to provide an updated look or replace damaged product.
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A teams colour or texture
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Refers to the skin of the grape.