Definitions for "Cinch"
Keywords:  saddle, girth, latigos, horse, belly
A strong saddle girth, as of canvas.
To put a cinch upon; to girth tightly.
A woven cotton or horsehair strap that holds the saddle on a horse's back and is positioned to front or rear barrel (body) of the horse. The forward cinch is the primary strap holding the saddle on the horse, whereas the flank cinch (at the back of the horse's barrel) was a secondary, looser cinch used to displace the rider or cattle's weight or stress in roping, etc. Also called girth (girt), flank cinch, or cincha.
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A variety of auction pitch in which a draw to improve the hand is added, and the five of trumps (called right pedro) and the five of the same color (called left pedro, and ranking between the five and the four of trumps) each count five on the score. Fifty-one points make a game. Called also double pedro and high five.
In the game of cinch, to protect (a trick) by playing a higher trump than the five.
a form of all fours in which the players bid for the privilege of naming trumps
Keywords:  sure, grip, tight, mastery, adj
A tight grip.
To get a sure hold upon; to get into a tight place, as for forcing submission.
To make sure of anything. To bring someone else into difficulty.
Interlayer slippage or magnetic tape in roll form, resulting in buckling of some strands of tape. The tape will in many cases fold over itself causing permanent vertical creases in the tape. Also, if not fixed, will cause increased dropouts. See windowing.
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snap, breeze [both colloq.
Connexion assembly for audio-visual signals.
A connector primarily used for the transmittance of video - and audio signals
any undertaking that is easy to do; "marketing this product will be no picnic"
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The best possible hand, given the cards on the board, when all the cards are out.
Cinch connections are used for sound and video transmissions. The cinch socket for video is often marked with a yellow ring. The connections for the left-hand and right-hand sound channels are usually white and red respectively.
Keywords:  tighten, action, perform
To perform the action of cinching; to tighten the cinch; -- often with up.
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Cinch is a card game.