Definitions for "Lariat"
A long, slender rope made of hemp or strips of hide, esp. one with a noose; -- used as a lasso for catching cattle, horses, etc., and for picketing a horse so that he can graze without wandering.
To secure with a lariat fastened to a stake, as a horse or mule for grazing; also, to lasso or catch with a lariat.
A necklace without a clasp, worn looped around the neck with open ends that may be tied into a loose knot, fastened with a ring or a brooch, or tied with a "lariat loop".
The lariat-shaped intron RNA that results from splicing a GU-AG intron.
The looped structure formed in the intron as a result of the formation of a 2′–5′ phosphodiester bond between the first base of the intron and an adenosine (branchpoint adenosine) in the first step of splicing.