Definitions for "Picketing"
The carrying of signs or the passing out of literature protesting working conditions or actions taken by the employer. Picketing occurs during a strike, or in the form of an informational picket. In this tactic, designed to put pressure on the employer, union members inform the public and other workers about the conditions they feel are unfair.
A group of individuals walk with signs bearing protest messages in front of a site where an injustice has been committed.
Publicizing, usually by members of a union which is achieved by carrying signs, stating the existence of a labor dispute andstating the union's version of its merits.
Picketing was a military physical punishment for which the culprit was strung up to a hook by one wrist with the opposite bare heel supporting the whole body weight, only 'resting' upon a stake or picket, rounded at the point somewhat so as not to pierce the skin. The agonizing overstretching of the muscles and pressure on the footsole could seldom be endured longer than a quarter of an hour. As it often left soldiers incapable of marching, the punishment was wisely abandoned as "inexpedient."