Definitions for "Silo"
A pit or vat for packing away green fodder for winter use so as to exclude air and outside moisture. See Ensilage.
A concrete cylinder that stores crops.
A storage facility for silage. Usually referring to upright concrete or fiberglass silos.
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Silo is a power-post rock trio from Copenhagen who are signed to Colin Newman & Malka Spigel's swim ~ label.
An important place near the endgame of POTS. Its exact place is unknown, probably somewhere in the city in a district called Uran.
A silicone plastic ("silastic") sterile bag or membrane that can be placed over the exposed bowel loops in gastroschisis, to prevent dehydration and further damage to them. It is used for temporary cover if the intestines can not immediately be replaced in the amniotic cavity.
A commonly-used bootstrap loader for Linux systems based on the SPARC processor.
Sand storage tower for filling locomotive sand boxes.
A storage container constructed from permeable fabric and used for intermediate storage/aging of pre-expanded beads.
is a large storage vessel which is generally filled pneumatically.
Low-Dispersion Resampled Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
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samford ave. going toward wire road, left side of street
a specified asset of a VIE where a creditor has recourse only to the asset and not the general credit of another entity for payment of liabilities or other interests
during certain activities in Vision Training (and perhaps in certain natural situations) the use of lenses and prisms may create the sensation/perception that objects coming closer appear to get smaller while those moving away appear to get larger.
Silo was an electronics retailer that opened in 1947 and operated throughout the United States until its demise in 1995.
An individual group within an organisation, such as a department or unit. The term is often used to suggest that such groups tend to be inward-looking, in that they do not take into account what other similar groups are doing or how their work affects other such groups.