Definitions for "Signage"
A display on which your company name/logo or other information appears. Materials include vinyl, metal, and wood upon which the message may be hand-painted or electronically transferred.
Signs placed on the inside or outside of a building to advertise one's company.
A display of graphics, text, or both, used for corporate identification, logo branding, advertising, lifestyle/environmental ambiance, and for wayfinding. May be frontlit or backlit.
Traffic and roadway signs. Also see "entry treatments."
Effective signage is a critical component of your retail business' success, and can contribute to the success of all businesses. To provide in depth information about signage and your business, we have divided signage information into categories in our Signage web area.
All information and directional signs required for an event.
Coordinated system of public information.
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A system of signs.