Definitions for "SCSA"
See: sperm chromatin structure assay
a Sperm Chromatin something Assay
Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay. Test used to check the DNA of the sperm for normal structure to determine its fertility potential.
Signal Computing System Architecture. An open-hardware and software standard architecture that incorporates virtually every other standard in PC-based switching. SCSA describes the components and specifies the interfaces for a signal processing system. SCSA describes all elements of the system architecture from the electrical characteristics of the SCbus and SCxbus to the high level device programming interfaces. All signaling is out of band. In addition, SCSA offers time slot bundling and allows for scalability.
Signal Computing System Architecture. An open architecture introduced by Dialogic Corporation in 1993 for transmitting signals, voice and video from card to card and from chassis to chassis. (8/97)
Signal Computing System Architecture. A generalized open-standard architecture describing the components and specifying the interfaces for a signal processing system for the PC-based voice processing, call processing and telecom switching industry.
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