Definitions for "MPI"
MPI is a message-passing library specification. MPI permits programs with separate address spaces to synchronize with one another and move data from the address space of one process to that of another by sending and receiving messages. MPI is not a language but rather a collection of subroutines and their arguments. MPI is a specification created by the MPI Forum, a group of vendors, computer scientists, and users. The first standard, released in 1994, is referred to as MPI-1. A set of extensions, referred to as MPI-2, were released after MPI-1 was in wide use. MPI refers to both MPI-1 and MPI-2.
Message Passing Interface. A "translator" language that allows different types of computers or processors to communicate and share tasks. Think of MPI as "computer Esperanto."
Message Passing Interface - programming interface for communication between parallel processes. If an aplication uses MPI, it can run on clusters as well as on SMP machines, just the MPI implementation must be changed.
Mortgage Protection Insurance. Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to provide cover in the event you are unable to work due to involuntary redundancy, illness or injury due to an accident. For each claim you will usually receive the amount you have insured for up to 12 months.
Mortgage Payment Insurance. Mortgage Payment Insurance is the affordable way to protect you and your family against financial hardship and unnecessary worry about paying your mortgage and maintaining your lifestyle if you become unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment.
Mortgage Payment Insurance. This is a special type of insurance used to protect your mortgage repayments in the event of illness or accident. See also ‘Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insuranceâ€(tm).
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Master Patient Index - the list of all patients for a customer / organization. This list is contained in a back end system's database, usually a practice management system (PMS) or ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) system.
Master Patient Index (also called Master Person Index by some vendors): An electronic index that enables lookup of patient data distributed across multiple systems, to provide an aggregated view of patient’s EHR. NAHIT National Alliance for Health Information Technology
Milanka Price Index. The MPI replaced the "Sensitive Price Index" in 1999. The MPI identifies the movement of share prices of blue-chip companies. The base index of the MPI is set at 1000 points as at 31st December 1998. This price index comprises 25 listed companies representing 8 sectors. Accordingly, the MPI represents over 10% of the listed companies and accounts for over 50% of the total market capitalisation of the CSE.
Mesures Physiques et Informatique
Ministerio della Publica Instruziane (Italian Ministry of Public Instruction)
(Metalloproteinase Inhibitor): Naturally occurring enzymes that inhibit the loss of the skin's own collagen and elastin, in essence slowing down the natural aging process. Broken capillaries, rosacea, fine lines, sun damage and sagging are significantly diminished.
for molecular genetics home systers gene nest splice nest primer design
Multi Port Injection Multi Point Injection
Mean Point of Impact
Multi-Point Injection, Efi system where fuel is injected into the intake of each cylinder rather than at one point (throttle body injection) - allows more precise fuel metering.
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The Merchant Server Plug-in is a piece of software which enables the 3-D Secure check to take place. Merchants may use DataCash's own MPI - which is installed within the DPG - or they may use a 3rd party MPI
Meeting planners International.
Meeting Professionals International
Michael Page International a
Management Performance Indicator. A Management Performance Indicator (MPI) is a measurement of a key performance area, used in monitoring the actual performance of the business.
Macroprudential Indicator
Maximum Permissible Intake. A limit established by EPA, usually expressed as mg/day for a 60 kg person, which is used to determine the level of pesticide residues permitted on crops for human consumption.
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Marine Pollution Incident
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Migration Policy Institute
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Miles Per Inch
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Major Periodic Inspection