Definitions for "Ripening"
(1) A Process In The Production Of Cellulose Ethanoate (acetate) Consisting In The Splitting Off Of Some Of The Ethanoic Acid (acetic Acid) And Most Of The Combined Catalyst Present In The Primary Cellulose Ethanoate (acetate). (2) A Process In The Manufacture Of Viscose In Which, Prior To Spinning, The Number Of Xanthate Groups Is Reduced And Some Redistribution Takes Place. The Process Is Time And Temperature Dependent.
A step in cheesemaking just after starter addition and before rennetting in which the milk is allowed to undergo an increase in acidity, due to the activity of cheese starter culture bacteria. Sometimes the term ripening is used to indicate maturing. It is less confusing to use the term maturing in this context.
An optional process in which cultures are added to ferment the milk sugars to lactic acid and achieve desirable flavor and aroma characteristics for cultured butter.
Thinning and softening of the cervix in preparation for delivery.
softening of the cervix near term.
Moment in which the grape reaches optimum level for picking at the traditional harvest. The exact moment, like the rest of the phases of the growth cycle, depends on the grape variety grown.
acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time