Definitions for "Retarder"
Keywords:  hump, slow, solvent, additive, brake
A proprietary mould treatment which delays the hardening of cement in contact with it so that the surface can be washed once demoulded to expose the aggregate. Retarders are available in colour coded grades to give progressive retarding effect.
Added to acrylic paint to delay the drying process. Also used in place of water to achieve more even strokes. (Note: Overuse of retarder can impair the quality of the paint).
A device which is laid close to the running rails of certain tracks in a hump yard, and when operated applies a retarding force to slow the speed of passing wagons.
An admixture which extends the setting time of cement paste, and therefore of mixtures such as concrete, mortar, or grout.
An admixture that extends the setting time of concrete.
A substance, as potassium bromide, added to a developer to retard its action.
A substance that, added to a dycbath, decreases the rate of dyeing, but does not substantially affect the equilibrium exhaustion.
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The equipment into which dough is placed and allowed to thaw or slack out. Conditions must be controlled to 36 degrees to 38 degrees and 80 percent relative humidity.
(r) a material used to reduce the tendency of a rubber compound to vulcanize prematurely.
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Retarder is The Unband's first major label release.
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Any of various devices, as a helix of flat metal strip, introduced into a boiler tube to increase the heating effect of the fire.
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a great idea
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One who, or that which, retards.