Definitions for "Exhaustion"
The state of an ion exchange material that is no longer capable of effective function due to the depletion of the initial supply of exchangeable ions. (See ion exchange, endpoint.)
The point at which the athlete cannot maintain a high level of physical activity in spite of an adequate blood glucose supply. It is related to a change in the muscle itself.
The state of an ion exchange material in which it is no longer capable of effective function due to the depletion of the initial supply of exchangeable ions; the exhaustion point may be defined in terms of a limiting concentration of matter in the effluent, or in the case of demineralization, in terms of electrical conductivity.
In intellectual property regimes, the transaction at which rights terminate. Under national exhaustion, rights end with first sale in a country, preventing parallel imports. Under international exhaustion, rights end with first sale anywhere, permitting parallel imports.
Refers to the doctrine that protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) is "exhausted" or confined to the country in which protection is granted. The exhaustion principle specifically implies that IPR holders may not seek to curb parallel imports from other countries. In Uruguay Round IPR negotiations, some LDCs have demanded international extension of the exhaustion principle in order to ensure access to industrial- country markets for goods they produce under license.
In copyright, patent, and trademark law, the "exhaustion" doctrine means that after the rightsholder has sold the good, she has "exhausted" her rights to control its distribution. In U.S. copyright law, the doctrine is called the "first sale" doctrine.
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Pedicle Trauma
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The Proportion Of Dye Or Other Substance Taken Up By A Substrate At Any Stage Of A Process To The Amount Originally Available.
The amount of dye taken from the dyebath by the fiber, yarn or fabric being dyed.
The process of dye molecules leaving a dye liquor completely and becoming fixed on fiber dye sites.
Condition. Temporarily lowers maximum Energy.
serious weakening and loss of energy
A self-inflicted condition on some of the Elementalist's spells. It lowers their maximum energy supply by 10. It is a temporary status and 1 point of maximum energy is regenerated every 3 seconds
The act of draining out or draining off; the act of emptying completely of the contents.
The state of being exhausted or emptied; the state of being deprived of strength or spirits.
the act of exhausting something entirely
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The night a spider drops down from its web above the bed onto your face and you lie there and watch it walk away.
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extreme fatigue
Receipt of the maximum benefits available to a claimant in a benefit year.
All benefit entitlement has been used.
An ancient geometrical method in which an exhaustive process was employed. It was nearly equivalent to the modern method of limits.
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