Definitions for "Rehabilitate"
To invest or clothe again with some right, authority, or dignity; to restore to a former capacity; to reinstate; to qualify again; to restore, as a delinquent, to a former right, rank, or privilege lost or forfeited; -- a term of civil and canon law.
to restore the good name or reputation of, as in former President Richard Nixon spent many years after he resigned over the Watergate scandal trying to rehabilitate his reputation. In sociology, the term is used to refer to restoring a criminal to a condition in which he can return to society and refrain from commiting further crimes.
To restore an insurer to financial stability and solvency.
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reinstall politically; "Deng Xiao Ping was rehabilitated several times throughout his lifetime"
To return an area of land or a road or track surface to an original, proper and stable condition. This may involve reshaping, spreading topsoil, construction of banks and revegetation.
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To address the problems that led the youth to commit the crime, so that he or she does not commit further offences.
To permanently change behavior.
Helping a person recover from drug addiction. Rehabilitation teaches the addict new behaviors to live life without drugs.
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to become someone who no longer breaks the law.