Definitions for "Red flag"
Keywords:  flag, warns, allies, halt, resumes
The KeyCite status flag that warns that a case or administrative decision is no longer good law for at least one of the points it contains or that a statute has been amended or repealed by a session law or declared unconstitutional or preempted. See KeyCite Status Flags for details.
A sign of a problem. see also flag.
A red flag on the couse tells the driver to come to a complete stop, because something has gone wrong. It may be an obstacle on the course, or some other problem that requires you to stop. If you are red flagged because of something you did not cause, you will get a rerun if you come to a stop.
A red flay indicated that the race has been stopped. In most cases due to an accident or poor track conditions due to weather, especially rain or fog.
a stop signal for trains
This a fire weather program which highlights the onset of critical weather conditions conducive to extensive wildfire occurrences.
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the emblem of socialist revolution
Keywords:  wary, caution, pause, subtle, danger
a danger signal or general caution that should make you pause and become wary when examining a subtle-energy device
Any client issue that sparks concern, identified by ORC staff or the service provider. Both service provider and ORC manager will develop an action plan and closely monitor activities to ensure client satisfaction.
a Financial Aid Office that just offers you loan papers from their "special" Conclusion I have given you a lot of different issues for you to investigate and evaluate before you choose a program
a sign that you have to be more cautious than ever
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a very serious thing