Definitions for "Reclassification"
A process by which the Division of Environmental Remediation redefines the threat posed by a hazardous waste site to public health and the environment by developing and assessing site information and, based on findings and conclusions, assigning the site a new classification code (see Site Classification.
A change in the classification (job title) of a position resulting from a job audit (job analysis).
A change in the classification of a position resulting from a job audit by Human Resources where it is found that the duties and responsibilities of the position will be changed permanently, materially, and significantly. An employee must meet the minimum qualifications of the new classification in order to be reclassified.
The reassessment of an inmate's custody level following the addition or removal of charges, sentencing, or jail incidents.
classifying something again (usually in a new category)
A change in the way in which distributions were originally classified/reported on a shareowner’s statement. This can occur when income has been over-distributed due either to unexpected currency losses or to earnings that are less than expected. For example, a distribution that was originally reported as income could be reclassed to a distribution of short-term or long-term capital gains or to a return of capital.
An assessment process augmented by the prisoner's institutional adjustment and progress.