Definitions for "Raceway"
1. An enclosed metal channel, usually fire-resistant, installed in a building to hold electrical wiring. 2. A chute that directs the flow of a material to a specific location in a device.
An enclosed channel of metal or non-metallic materials designed expressly for holding wires or cables.
a protective shield installed over surface wiring for safety and physical protection of the wires.
A fish-farming system in which water continuously flows from one end of a tank or pond and exits the other. Raceways are used to produce fish that live in flowing water habitats, such as trout.
a rectangular, long, shallow tank through which the water flows from one end to the other
a rectangular, long, shallow tank through which water flows continuously
Switched fabric invented by Mercury Computer Systems Inc.
The portion of the bearing in which the ball or other part slides. Raceways provide the track of confined movement for the bearing mechanism itself.
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a canal for a current of water
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a course over which races are run