Definitions for "CO-AXIAL CABLE"
Keywords:  shield, braided, ohm, insulated, cable
A type of cable with a central wire surrounded by insulation which separates it from a conductive mesh sleeve, the whole being then covered a protective insulating sleeve and generally used for conveying television pictures.
Any cable that has a conductor and shield sharing the same axis. Also known as RG59.
A cable comprising a central wire surrounded by a second tubular screening of fine wire. Associated with IBM for linking terminals and other devices needing high-speed links, coax is used in Ethernet. It is difficult to add or remove devices from a coaxial LAN as the cable is unwieldy and thick so is being superseded by UTP.
Keywords:  amplifier, dvd, send, sound, player
Used to send digital sound from a DVD player to an AV amplifier, or connect a CD player to the amplifier.