Definitions for "Nailer"
Keywords:  fastens, lumber, deck, plywood, curbs
One who fastens with, or drives, nails.
A piece of lumber, preferably treated, that is secured to the deck, walls, or to pre-manufactured curbs. Nailers are used to receive fasteners for roof systems.
A piece of lumber used for the purpose of providing a surface for nailing other lumber or materials.
A strip of wood attached to a stringer that tread planks are nailed or screwed to.
a worker who attaches something by nailing it
A piece of wood added to a framework to provide a nailing surface for all edges of something (usually a sheet of wallboard or paneling) to be attached.
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See Scab.
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Nailer is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the management contents of MySQL over the WWW.
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A nailer is a nail gun. The two terms are used interchangeably on this site.
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One whose occupation is to make nails; a nail maker.