Definitions for "Wallboard"
Large sheets of compressed wood fiber, usually produced from lower quality wood stocks, including chips and waste wood. It is commonly used for subsurface flooring and walls in new home and building construction. The various grades of wallboard include, among others, plywood, particle board, oriented strand board and medium density fiberboard.
Rigid sheets of gypsum (a plaster-like material) faced with paper. Used for interior walls. Also called gypsum board, gyp-board, Sheetrock (a brand name), plasterboard, and other names.Normally available in 4X8 and 4X12 foot lengths. Standard thickness is 1/2"; also in 3/8" and 5/8" (commercial) thickness.
Also known as gypsum board, drywall and plasterboard; a paper-covered sandwich of gypsum plaster used as the primary wall covering in almost all homes.
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Display screen of LED lights fixed to wall or roof of contact center. It shows the status of the local queue in real time.
Big running displays that show the amount of calls in the call queue, the service level...
a solid wood display frame about the size of a poster frame
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A soft wood product used in one-time paneling or where whiteness and softness is desired.
A construction product used for panels which are temporary.