Definitions for "Priority queue"
Keywords:  queue, integer, element, tuple, fifo
a structure where items can be added with a given priority and the highest-priority element can be (quickly) removed.
a collection of elements each of which has a number associated with it called its priority
a collection of elements ordered by a priority (positive integer)
Keywords:  extractmax, adt, abstract, data, three
an abstract list data structure with the operations insert and extractMax
an ADT (abstract data type) supporting the following three
a data-structure that allows its users to enqueueue items with an associated priority and dequeue the item with the lowest or highest priority
a list that is sorted by a value associated with the item termed its priority
a collection of objects with the property that when an object is removed, the largest object (according to some ordering) is chosen for removal
an ordinary collection, like a Set or a Bag, depending on its use