Definitions for "Physical therapist"
A specialist trained in the treatment of diseases and injury through exercise and physical activities; may be involved in addressing some LSD symptoms.
Assists patients who have experienced disability from illness, trauma, or birth defects, performs individual exercise programs to restore or relocate physical function.
A licensed health professional who applies principles, methods and procedures for analysis of motor or sensorimotor functioning to determine the educational significance of motor or sensorimotor problems within, but not limited to, areas such as mobility and positioning in order to provide planning, coordination, and the implementation of intervention strategies and services for eligible individuals.
A person registered to practice physical therapy.
a graduate of a four or five year accredited program, and has either a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Physical Therapy
an individual who has been graduated from a school of physical therapy and holds a license to practice physical
a motivator for people and families learning to adjust to limitations resulting from injuries, illnesses, or birth defects
A special education-related service provider who works with students to improve the functioning of large muscle groups, such as range of motion, walking, positioning, etc. .
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