Definitions for "Originality"
Ability to create new and original ideas, works of art, theories, etc.; ability to express oneself in an original manner; creativity; -- of people.
the ability to think and act independently
having to do with an origin; initial, first; earliest. never having occurred or existed before; not copies; fresh; new; novel. capable of or given to inventing or creating something new, or thinking or acting in a independent, individual, fresh way.[Back to Glossary Index
Originality in this League system refers to original members. Original members are those members who were on a team when it gained eligibility to the APA National Team Championship or won a division title. (winning a division title means winning one of the Division Play-offs at the end of each season.) Original members are said to have ORIGINALITY. An original member can lose originality if he quits the team, but can gain originality back by rejoining that same team in accordance with other rules in this manual.
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The quality or state of being original.
The quality of being new and original; not derived from something else.