Definitions for "opportunity cost"
The cost of passing up the next best choice when making a decision. For example,...
The cost of choosing one thing over another, including time and money
The return or yield from alternative uses of capital that has been invested in a project.
The amout of other goods and services that must be given up to get something.
The highest income, profit or satisfaction that one gives up when choosing something.
The highest-valued sacrifice needed to get a good or service.
The financial returns given up by not putting a factor of production, particularly capital, to a different use.
the amount that a factor of production could have earned if put to another use.
An amount a fisherman could earn for his time and investment in another business or occupation.
Arises when a restructure cannot be implemented instantaneously and a portfolio is exposed to the relative movements in prices whilst unwanted stocks are sold and those assets required are purchased.
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The sum of the benefits an animal forfeits by not being able to perform some other behavior during the time when it is performing a given behavior.
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Determining whether a purchase is a need or a want and realizing that once the money has been spent, it is gone.