Definitions for "Obturator"
That which closes or stops an opening.
An apparatus designed to close an unnatural opening, as a fissure of the palate.
Serving as an obturator; closing an opening; pertaining to, or in the region of, the obturator foramen; as, the obturator nerve.
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The obturator is placed in the sheath to provide a smooth blunt tip for insertion into the urethra
An insertion tool used for insertng a Jackson cannula.
A blunt or dull tipped instrument that gently introduces a cannula into a body orifice.
n. An outgrowth of the funicle (commonest), placenta, or integument, etc., that forms a bridge between the micropyle and other tissues and is believed to faciltate fertilisation.
Keywords:  ischium, pubis, pelvis, bony, hollow
Located in the hollow between the pubis and ischium at the front of the bony pelvis.
During aortic or mitral valve replacement, a sizing tool used to determine the appropriate size heart valve.
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Any device for preventing the escape of gas through the breech mechanism of a breech-loading gun; a gas check.
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A camera shutter.
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Latin obturatus = stopped up; hence, a structure which closes a hole.