Definitions for "Nugget"
A lump; a mass, esp. a native lump of a precious metal; as, a nugget of gold.
A 1 oz gold coin minted by the Western Australian Mint in Australia. The Nugget coin is 99.99% pure. See Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Panda.
Larger than normal piece of alluvial gold. A small pieces a colour, then a speck then a Nugget. The first gold commissioner on the Ophir Goldfield, R.J. Hardy observed a nugget was half an ounce or more and held special attraction to fossickers.
The variogram may exhibit an apparent discontinuity at the origin. The magnitude of the discontinuity is called the nugget.
in kriging and variogram modeling, that part of the variance of a regionalized variable that has no spatial component (variation due to measurement errors and short-range spatial variation at distances within the smallest inter-sample spacing).
The nugget is the discontinuity jump often observed at the origin of the variogram. It represents residual variability at a very short range, including microstructures, erroneous data, assaying white noise, and random components of the grade itself. Note that the value of the variogram for distance zero is always exactly zero.
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US Navy and Marine Corps slang for a new pilot that has not successfully completed Carrier Qualifications (CQ's or CarQuals).
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Excellent Marijuana buds
In web development, a nugget is a small portion of an interface or web page that provides additional information or functionality, but can also be used separately, as a stand-alone page. Nugget is synonim to block or module. The same nugget can also be included on several pages, using Server-Side Includes (see Sever-Side Includes for details).
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NYSE NYSE composite index
Nugget is a download manager focused on functionality and ease of use. Its main feature is the division of files in multiple parts that can be downloaded at the same time.
Area melted together during resistance welding.
Something of value, usually found among many other less valuable things; -- often used figuratively; as, a nugget of useful information in a sea of data.
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a section of code that defines how the weapon will behave when it comes to damage
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a piece of information that makes you better for life