Definitions for "Gold-filled"
Brass wire alloyed with a small quantity of 12k gold. Less likely to cause allergic reactions than gold or silver plate.
Gold-filled articles are similar to gold-plated; they have an exterior of gold and a core of base metal, usually copper. The difference is in the method of application. Plated objects are shaped and then bullion-coated by electroplating, in which the soft gold takes the object's form. Gold-filled merchandise is made sheets of metal to which the outer covering of gold has been applied before the object is shaped.
A process by which a layer of at least 10k gold has been mechanically bonded to a base metal. This layer must constitute at least 1/20th of the total weight of the metal in the piece. Items must be marked gold filled preceded by the karat fineness of the plating; e.g., 14k gold filled. (See also Rolled Gold Plate.)