Definitions for "Cassiterite"
Keywords:  sno, tin, tetragonal, luster, b'ratan
Native tin dioxide; tin stone; a mineral occurring in tetragonal crystals of reddish brown color, and brilliant adamantine luster; also massive, sometimes in compact forms with concentric fibrous structure resembling wood (wood tin), also in rolled fragments or pebbly (Stream tin). It is the chief source of metallic tin. See Black tin, under Black.
(der) Kassiterit, (der) Zinnstein Etymology: From phoenician "Cassiterid", which described the English and Irish islands. Another phoenicin word for Tin-land is B'ratan' of which Aristotele developped the word "Britannic". Chemical formula: SnO2 Crystal system: tetragonal (vierkantig) Mohs scale: 6 - 7 Density (g/cm3): 6,8 - 7 / average = 6,9 Notes: Most important Tin-ore More specific details can be found in the mineral database
Light brown to black mineral, with a red lustre, composed of tin and oxygen. It is a tin ore.