Definitions for "Nocturnal"
Of, pertaining to, done or occuring in, the night; as, nocturnal darkness, cries, expedition, etc.; -- opposed to diurnal.
Having a habit of seeking food or moving about at night; as, nocturnal birds and insects; raccoons are nocturnal.; -- of animals.
An instrument formerly used for taking the altitude of the stars, etc., at sea.
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Nocturnal is the debut album from Hip Hop duo Heltah Skeltah, consisting of members Rock and Ruck (now known as Sean Price), members of Brooklyn supergroup Boot Camp Clik.
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Nocturnal was a one-man black metal band from Adelaide, Australia formed in 1995.
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Emission An ejaculation of semen that happens while a boy is sleeping. It is sometimes called a "wet dream," and it's nature's way of making room for new sperm cells that are made.