Definitions for "Microclimate"
climate of a small area that is different from that of a surrounding area
In general terms the character of a particular piece of land as influenced by purely local factors like elevation, direction and degree of slope, nearby buildings and vegetation such as trees and hedges, etc.
The climatic condition of a small area, such as a ricefield, resulting from the modification of the general climatic conditions by local differences in elevation or exposure. Also the environmental conditions below the crop canopy.
The highly specific and unique weather and plant-growth conditions within a property, each influenced by local geographic and atmospheric factors such as sun and wind exposure, the slope of the land, and soil quality.
an environment with different conditions, such as temperature, wind speed, and drainage from the larger more predominant surrounding conditions
a unique combination of location, weather and other factors, that acts rather consistently from year to year
Taken from Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002