Definitions for "HOTSPOTS"
A place usually in public where you can access wireless connection to the Internet. Hotspots are commonly found at airports, hotels, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and convention centers.
An area covered by a wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) where those with WiFi enabled devices can acquire Internet acess usually for a cost. Increasingly many hotspots are free. L to Z
Hotspots are public WLANs located in airports, hotels, conference centres and other public areas across the UK and the rest of Europe. (You may have seen the logo in your local Starbucks Coffee Shops.) When you're within range of a Hotspot, you can connect wirelessly to the Internet via your laptop or PDA. Presently there are hundreds of Hotspots throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, with many more planned for the very near future.
An area where the concentration of contaminants is greater than in the surrounding area. Hot spots generally form because of variations in the wind and weather patterns and in the earth's surface (such as hills and valleys that cause air pockets).
Areas of the word which contain high levels of biodiversity and are under severe threat. The key criteria for determining a hotspot are endemism (the presence of species found nowhere else) and degree of threat. Plant endemism is the primary criterion for Hotspots status because plants support most other forms of life through their ability to harness energy from sunlight.
areas of the vineyard that traditionally have higher than normal pest numbers.
Exact positions on the screen that will result in a particular event occurring should the mouse be clicked - an example may be clicking on a particular city shown on a map that results in information about that city being displayed.
The places in a Web document that are the entry points linking a page to another page via URLs. Hotspots look different than other words or pictures on a Web page. They may be a different color, be followed by a bracketed number, or be underlined. Their appearance differs based on the client being used. You click on the hotspot or enter the number of the hotspot to invoke the link. WWWebfx Home Page
A hotspot is a popular tourist region. There are a variety of reasons why they develop, for example, an attractive climate and scenery or a collection of popular tourist attractions.
places where volcanoes occur other than on the edges of plates.- I J K L - incinerate - to burn to ashes.
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Hotspots provide a way to create links in an org chart that is published and viewed with a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Any string that can be typed in an address line of a browser can be used as a Hotspot, such as mailto:, http://, etc.
An identified point in a bubble world or VR environment that users can activate and cause a program script to execute an event.