Definitions for "Mental Body"
mental body: one of the first 22 levels of integrated light body; expands into infinitude; latitude of space the mental body has to work within is infinite; mental body holds all thoughts one thinks; holds the highest vibratory rate in the lower base structure of light bodies; you are in control of your thought creating ability and you are in control of mastering Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I Am Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness with every level of light body; generally appears in aura as red or ruby of the lightest hue; the mental body's vibration takes your thoughts & transmits them through all other light bodies and into the universe where they are manifested; see Correspondence Course #2
See four lower bodies .
The third of man's four bodies in the theosophical teaching. The first and second bodies are the "physical" and the astral"; the third is the "mental" and the fourth is the "causal" body.
Keywords:  planes, vehicle, personality
The vehicle of the personality on the mental planes.