Definitions for "Virat"
Keywords:  purush, krut, riyani, bhuts, panchala
Cosmic physical body
Of the three bodies of Virãt-Purush and other ishwars, the physical body, i.e., the physical world itself – composed of the five mahãbhuts – and which sustains the bodies of all jivas {Panchala-2.4}. Because it is evolved from the avyãkrut (causal) body, it is also considered as the mãyã of ishwar {Kãriyani-12.4}.
Virãt-Purush. See: Virãt-Purush.
Consciousness limited or conditioned by the upadhi of the aggregate of gross bodies.
the universal Soul; the Self that becomes all these forms of things; the Spirit of the external universe; the seer and creator of gross forms.
The Spirit in the form of the universe; the All pervading Spirit.