Definitions for "matriarch"
The mother and ruler of a family or of her descendants; a ruler by maternal right.
A female head of a family or tribe.
a mother , head, or other female person in a familywho exerts influence over the other family members
Matriarch/Patriarch: one of the twelve major archetypes that must be mastered, integrated & balanced in the process of clearing the negative ego; one must transcend the lower expression of the each Archetype and develop & integrate its higher expression. Lower expression: Either weak father (not protecting the inner/outer child, being wishy-washy and totally controlled by the Feminine which turns the Feminine into its negative aspect) or the totalitarian, control-obsessed father (being over-protective, too militaristic, and too controlled by the Masculine); hence Feminine/Masculine imbalance! Higher expression: Tough love (love and firmness), proper use of Personal Power and Unconditional Love, Divine indifference in its proper relationship to compassion, parenting inner child
A woman who dominates or is the most important member of a group or organization; in businesses, often the founder or owner of the largest interest.
A venerated old woman.
a feisty older woman with a big bosom (as drawn in cartoons)