Definitions for "Njord"
Keywords:  vanir, freya, yngvi, freyr, frey
Chief of the Vanir; god of the sea and winds and prosperity; father of Frey and Freya; sometimes subsumes Teutonic Nerthus.
One of the Vanir and the god of seamanship and sailing in Norse mythology. He is son of Yngvi husband of Skadi (Skadhi) but previously the father of Yngvi-Freyr and Freya (by his sister: apparently the Vanir, unlike the Aesir, were allowed to practice sibling incest). His dwelling is said to be Noatun 'Ship-town'. Njord is also a god closely associated with fertility, as are the Vanir in general.
In the Viking mythology, god of trade, sailing and wealth. Earlier probably a fertility god but replaced with Frej. Father to Frej and Freja.