Definitions for "Nestor"
Nestor, the oldest and wisest of the Greek kings at Troy, lived to see three generations of heroes. A brave and strong warrior when young, in old age he was prized for his good counsel and his oratory. Homer tells us that his speech flowed more sweetly than honey. When a politician or statesman today is called a nestor, it is these qualities of wisdom, good counsel, and oratory that are emphasized.
son of Neleus and Chloris who participated in the fight between the Centaurs and Lapith; wise man and adviser in the Iliad.
(Greek mythology) a wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy
A genus of parrots with gray heads, of New Zealand and Papua, allied to the cockatoos. See Kaka.
a genus of Psittacidae
The genus Nestor, the only genus of the Nestorinae subfamily, contains two parrot species from New Zealand and one species from Norfolk Island, Australia. The Norfolk Island Kākā is extinct.
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an advisor to the offender
Nestor is an automatic code generation tool for the JUnit testing framework.
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Nestor is a solitaire card game where the object is the removal of pairs.
A communications security device.