Definitions for "MANGO BUTTER"
Native to India for more than 4000 years. Rich in vitamins. When topically applied, it presents emollient, exfoliative and tonifying properties. Mango helps moisturize and support the desquamation of dead skin cells.
Mango butter has good emolliency and lends protection against the sun. It is said to prevent drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles. Mango butter also reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity.
High in unsaponifiables, mango butter is perfect for adding super-emolliency to your soaps and balms. Click here for our Orange-Mango Lip Butter! Sap value = 171 Olive Butter- An hydrogenated fraction of olive oil. Similar in consistency to shea or jojoba (44) butter. Melts at 95-100F (skin temp), so works well as a massage oil or in cosmetic formulation. Use rate 2-100%. Sap value = 137