Definitions for "Olive oil"
Pressing tree-ripened olives extracts a flavorful, monounsaturated oil that is prized throughout the world both for cooking (particularly in Mediterranean countries) and for salads. Today`s marketplace provides a wide selection of domestic olive oil (most of which comes from California) and imported oils from France, Greece, Italy and Spain. The flavor, color and fragrance of olive oils can vary dramatically depending on distinctions such as growing region and the crop`s condition.
An intensely moisturising oil extracted from olives. It has strong anti-oxidant properties and has been used since biblical times to promote healing.
A monounsaturated oil that is used in cooking and salads. The best varieties of olive oil are cold-pressed and have a low level of acidity: extra virgin olive oil, for instance, is only one percent acid. In terms of color, the deeper the color, the more intense the olive flavor.
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Lowers bad LDL cholesterol and helps protect arteries from plaque.
an integral ingredient of the "Mediterranean diet" and accumulating evidence suggests that it may have a potential role in lowering the risk of several types of cancers