Definitions for "Mala"
A string of beads used to facilitate a state of concentration while repeating a mantra.
A string of 108 beads; it is a tool to help focus the mind for meditation. The string of beads is held in the right hand. Each bead is rolled with the thumb and a finger, one by one, as you repeat and focus on your mantra.
Beads similar to the rosary of a Catholic and used by Sikhs in the saying of prayers.
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A sub-caste of Dalit; esp. Andhra Pradesh; "superior" Dalits who have gained many "reserved" jobs; rivals of Madigas See also: Dalit, Mahanati
Mala or Malla (different from the family name Malla) is a social group or caste mostly from Andhra Pradesh state of India. Along with Madigas they form the largest segment of what is considered to be the Dalit castes of Andhra. They are also found in the neighboring states too.
Evils; wrongs; offenses against right and law.
Stains on the character, traditionally listed as nine: anger, hypocrisy, envy, stinginess, deceit, treachery, lying, evil desires and wrong views.
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Kuvera's wedding present to Kamesvara
Mala (Urdu: مالا) was a famous Pakistani playback singer of Urdu and Punjabi films.
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Contamination ( RRV-6b). Mala is the dirt of vice, wickedness and looseness. ( SSS-III)
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a powerful guide for the mind towards Brahman (God)
a whip to goad the mind towards God
a small restaurant in a gorgeous setting, with indoor and outdoor seating, right on the ocean, in the north end of Lahaina
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Intestines, especially those of chicken. They are thoroughly cleaned, cooked in boiled water, then fried. Eaten with pap (see below).
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the arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek
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Waste produce (i.e., urine, sweat, feces)
a simple and effective tool that helps to maintain one's spiritual focus
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Metabolic end-products