Definitions for "Dharani"
Keywords:  mantra, chant, insight, smriti, prajna
A longer type of mantra or prayer, usually in more textual form, which possesses symbolic and blessed words.( Back to the top)
a chanted incantation held to bring spiritual benefit or serve as an aid to furthering one's progress towards awakening
Extended mantra used in esoteric branch of Buddhism to focus and expand the mind. Its words, or sounds, should not communicate any recognizable meaning.
Keywords:  parasu, bhoomi, prithvi, diety, rama
The earth. The wife of Parasu-rama
(a.k.a. Bhoomi, Prithvi) Mother Earth worshiped by Hindus as as diety and an element
Dharani is a popular South India based film director, credited with 3 action movies. Some criticize him for the commercial movie he makes and consider him as an entertainer than a serious director.His real name is Ramani.
Keywords:  recites, string, great, lead, benefits
a string of words whose recitation may lead to great benefits for the one who recites it