Definitions for "LRC"
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Longitudinal Redundancy Check. A data communications error trapping technique in which a character is accumulated at both the sending and receiving stations during the transmission and is compared for an equal condition, which indicates a good transmission of the previous block.
See Longitudinal Redundancy Check.
Longitudinal redundancy check. A method to make sure data is received correctly. Consists of performing parity checks across the data message.
Language Resource Center
the Learning Resource Center at Chesapeake College which contains the Library and other Academic Support Services. The present LRC contains approximately 46,000 books, 1,400 videos, and over 200 periodical subscriptions.
Localisation Research Center
Light, Rapid, Comfortable metre(s)
LRC is a bilingual acronym for Light, Rapid, Comfortable or Léger, Rapide, et Confortable, the name of a series of lightweight diesel-powered passenger trains that are currently used on short- to medium-distance inter-city service in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The LRC family includes both locomotives and passenger carriages designed to work together, though the two can be, and now are, used separately.
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Local Replica Catalog. Stores mappings between logical names for data items and the target names (often the physical locations) of replicas of those items. Clients query the LRC to discover replicas associated with a logical name. Also may associate attributes with logical or target names. Each LRC periodically sends information about its logical name mappings to one or more RLIs.
Loop Resiliency Circuit. Hub circuitry that allows devices to be inserted into or removed from an active FC-AL loop.
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lesser regional contingency