Definitions for "Reference Service"
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The range of activities involved in assisting researchers using archival materials. (SAA Glossary)
A library service that offers research help in person, by phone , and sometimes by email.
All the functions performed by a trained librarian employed in the reference section of a library to meet the information needs of patrons, including but not limited to answering substantive questions, instructing users in the selection and use of appropriate tools and techniques for finding information, conducting searches on behalf of the patron, directing users to the location of library resources, assisting in the evaluation of information, referring patrons to resources outside the library when appropriate, keeping reference statistics, and participating in the development of the reference collection.
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The reference service is fixed on the server, which is used as a reference for sending notifications. Depending on the status it can be used to send messages of other services. If the reference defined service is in error, no notification is sent for other services on the same server. The PING service is an example of a possible reference service.