Definitions for "Lenticular"
Resembling a lentil in size or form; having the form of a double-convex lens.
"lens-shaped". any object with a biconvex cross-section.
Lens shaped. When applied to minerals it refers to concretions or nodules that have a flattened, lens-like shape.
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a combination of a special lens and an arrayed image that simulates animation or depth
a printed image that shows depth and motion as your viewing angle changes
technique whereby ribbed plastic is glued over an image to give the impression of a moving or 3D image. Used on front and/or back covers of Shine in 2001 and Top Gear and NME in 2004 (by Hive Associates). Long used for marketing purposes, for example 'animated' postcards for film of Alistair MacLean's Ice Station Zebra in late 1960s
Lenticular nucleus - This group of cells along with the caudate nucleus form the Striatum or Corpus Striatum.
symmetrical form intermediate between a rhombus and ellipse, i.e. with pointed ends (e.g. Syracosphaera prolongata, Stradnerlithus).
Outer screen on Epson Livingstation HDTVs characterized by a vertical pattern of ridges and valleys. Blackstripes are applied to the lenticular at a 0.098mm pitch to provide image contrast, high diffusion and high picture density.
An optical structure of vertically running ridge and groves. Designed to enhance gain and horizontal viewing angle but result in diminished resolution.
Target Resolution
Special non-cataract lenses for patients who have cataracts.
A specific type of printing that produces a holographic or 3 dimensional effect.
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a thin, portable, full color stereo picture
a special presentation item made for a handful of films
Type of screen surface used for front projection.