Definitions for "Cataracts"
A cataract forms when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy and hard. This can cause problems with vision. (Back to Warning, the rays of the sun can be dangerous!) (Back to "Jeepers, Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers?")
Abnormal eye condition in which there is clouding of the lens that allows the eye to focus. This causes poor vision or even blindness.
"fogging" of the lens within the eye causing partial or total blindness.
Areas of rocky outcroppings along the Nile.
Outcrops of rocks on the Nile from Aswan southwards.
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Keratitis Ribosome
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Imidazole Recombination
Recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption"...Some - but not all - studies have reported that eating more fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene was associated with a lower risk of cataracts..."
Recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid"It has been reported that lipoic acid has been shown to be helpful for cataracts..."
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The Condition"...During cataract formation the normal protective mechanisms are unable to prevent free radical damage..."
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See Cataract.