Definitions for "Kitting"
aka contract packaging. The physical task of collecting and assembling materials that serve as components of an assembled presentation, product or package.
and Kitting Area: An area in which a kit of parts is to be assembled prior to the commencement of a production job. In unruly and less than brilliantly managed factories, it has been known for kits to be "robbed" - ie for material in kits to be removed surreptitiously by operators wanting those parts for other jobs. If stock records are 100% correct, physical kitting is unnecessary ... kits (if necessary at all) can be assembled "on the computer" by moving the stock into a special category of the stock record (ie into "allocated status"). Although kitting is often held to be synonymous with the terms staging and hauling, staging at least is perhaps more associated with assembling material in preparation for its despatch.
a process in which assemblers are supplied with kits--a box of parts, fittings and tools--for each task they perform. This eliminates time-consuming trips from one parts bin, tool crib or supply center to another to get the necessary material.
The process of pulling a set of component items from stock to group them for production or for movement to another area. Kitting is usually done for a specific production or sales order.
Process by which individual items are grouped or packaged together to create a special, single item. kph: kilometres per hour
The act of adding several ancillary items (such as electric plugs, instruction manuals etc) into an order at a distribution centre to create a single product specific to a certain market.
The process of removing components of an assembly from the stock room and sending them to the assembly floor as a kit of parts. This action may take place automatically whenever a full set of parts is available and/or may be done only upon authorization by a designated person.
Gathering sub-elements into a "kit" for assembly
The assembly of components to make a single consumer item