Definitions for "Keynote"
Opening remarks or presentation at a meeting that sets the tone or theme of the event and motivates attendees.
the principal theme in a speech or literary work
a speech that is the main speech at a meeting or for that day of the meeting
Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption
a flexible, tabbed notebook with RichText editor and multi-level tree notes
Keynote is the name of a notetaking and outlining text editor produced by Tranglos Software for the Windows operating system. It is based on the tree data structure concept, allowing "nodes" in a tree panel (much like the tree panel in Windows file managers) to represent separate fields within a single text file. Each field is then treated as a separate virtual document within the tree.
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The tonic or first tone of the scale in which a piece or passage is written; the fundamental tone of the chord, to which all the modulations of the piece are referred; -- called also key tone.
The fundamental fact or idea; that which gives the key; as, the keynote of a policy or a sermon.
a fundamental or central idea
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Keynote is a presentation software application made by Apple for its Mac OS X operating system. Originally announced in January 2003, Keynote is now part of the i Work productivity suite (which also includes Pages), with a retail price of 79 USD in the USA, 55 GBP in the United Kingdom and 79 EUR in other countries of European Union. The latest version, Keynote 3, has been built as a universal binary, allowing it to run natively on both Power PC and Intel processors.
A keynote symptom is one which has been shown over time to appear in many different individuals who need the same certain remedy. Such a symptom then becomes associated with that remedy. When it appears strongly in an individual case, that remedy would be more strongly considered.
a symptom that so strongly speaks to a strong, common quality of a remedy that one assigns to them a higher value than other symptoms within that remedy and even within that quality
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(music) the first note of a diatonic scale
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give the keynote address to (an audience)
set the keynote of; "Comfort keynotes this designer's Fall collection"