Definitions for "SerMon"
A discourse or address; a talk; a writing; as, the sermons of Chaucer.
Specifically, a discourse delivered in public, usually by a clergyman, for the purpose of religious instruction and grounded on some text or passage of Scripture.
To speak; to discourse; to compose or deliver a sermon.
Hence, a serious address; a lecture on one's conduct or duty; an exhortation or reproof; a homily; -- often in a depreciatory sense.
To tutor; to lecture.
an occasion in which someone is under the deepest obligation to speak meaningfully and truthfully to people who are under the same obligation to listen to and consider what he says in all good faith
public proclamation of faith based upon Scripture
The sermon is the priest's allocution to the faithful during mass.
a liturgical divice and a "moment" in the liturgy
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Speech part service: [Thinking about the worship service/the main service that took place this past week], was there a sermon or a speech of some sort at this service
a worship experience, a listening experience, a sharing experience
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SerMon is a SERver MONitoring Application. MSSQL 2005 Backend, ASP.NET
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a prescription
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a form that yields a certain kind of meaning in the same way that, say, a sonnet is a form that deals with a certain kind of meaning that has to do with putting things in relation to each other, allowing for the fact of complexity reversal, such things
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an act of praising God
a very important means of communication with God's people