Definitions for "Patter"
Keywords:  glib, magician, trick, harangue, jokes
To talk glibly; to chatter; to harangue.
Glib and rapid speech; a voluble harangue.
The language or oratory of a street peddler, conjurer, or the like, hence, glib talk; a voluble harangue; mere talk; chatter; also, specif., rapid speech, esp. as sometimes introduced in songs.
Keywords:  sprinkle, gently, rain, quick, slight
To strike with a quick succession of slight, sharp sounds; as, pattering rain or hail; pattering feet.
To spatter; to sprinkle.
A quick succession of slight sounds; as, the patter of rain; the patter of little feet.
Keywords:  mutter, mumble, prayers, lips
To mutter; to mumble; as, to patter with the lips.
To mutter; as prayers.
Keywords:  patois, cant, thieves, gypsies, class
The cant of a class; patois; as, thieves's patter; gypsies' patter.
Refers to distracting or misleading conversation by one player meant to elicit a desired action in an opponent, such as folding or calling. Can refer to conversation used by a player to mask their tells so other players cannot read them or see their reaction to their cards.