Definitions for "Jammer"
An active ECM (electronic counter-measures) device that is designed to deny information to unwanted detectors or to disrupt communications.
An active electronic counter-measures (ECM) device designed to deny intelligence to unfriendly detectors or to disrupt communications.
A device designed to disrupt or block communications signals.
Any hand-held interface used by someone of the criminal persuasion to manipulate the system or receive infor mation that colony lawfully unauthorizes. It is not against the law to be a criminal, it is however, unlawful to have the nerve to mess with colony files.
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A light weight, ground lead yarder using tongs and usually mounted on a truck with a spar and boom. Usually relatively inexpensive and equipped with a single drum. It may be used for both yarding and loading.
Block and tackle on a twenty-foot A-frame used to hoist logs.
A tall A-frame of two logs mounted on a sled and rigged with a pulley and rope to lift logs as required. It is sometimes worked by horses and sometimes with steam power.
A device that produces noise in hidden microphones, so that conversations are unintelligible to the listener.
a transmitter used to broadcast electronic jamming
a new kind of electronic musical instrument, with a field of note-controlling buttons and thumb-operated expressive controls, which is more expressive, easier to learn, and expands musical horizons
a type of men's swimwear worn primarily by competitive athletes to obtain speed advantages
The Jammer is an arcade-style controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The company of origin is unknown. It is a clone of Nintendo's officially-licensed arcade controller, the NES Advantage.
A slow or disorganized dealer who clutters the table by spilling his stacks or by poor positioning of player wagers.
A device that transmits an energetic RF signal with the intention of interfering with another radio signal.
Device which will slide up a rope but not down.
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a four wheel semi-open vehicle originally built by the White Motor Company