Definitions for "MIDRANGE"
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As the name suggests, frequencies in the middle of the frequency range.
The power band of an engine between idle and full throttle. The helicopter engine specifically requires more careful tuning for optimum performance in the midrange, as that is where the helicopter will hover.
Middle band of audio frequencies typically from between 150 and 200 Hz to between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz; a speaker driver designed to operate in the middle frequencies (midrange) of the audible spectrum. The range of sound that our ears are most sensitive to, which includes most vocal and instrumental sounds.
A general term for the category of computers or servers that fall into the range above minicomputers (such as PCs) and entry-level servers on the low end, and below mainframe systems on the high end. Midrange systems may or may not run proprietary operating systems.
See Minicomputer.
A computer larger than a microcomputer but smaller than a mainframe, such as the IBM AS/400. IBM RS/6000s are also called midrange computers. Midrange computers are designed to be hosts in multi-user environments.
The halfway point or midpoint in a set of observations. For most types of data, it is calculated as the sum of the smallest observation and the largest observation, divided by two. For age data, one is added to the numerator. The midrange is usually calculated as an intermediate step in determining other measures.
In statistics, the midrange of a set of statistical data values is the arithmetic mean of the smallest and largest values in the set. As such it is a measure of central tendency. It is highly sensitive to outliers and ignores all but two data points; therefore it is rarely used in statistical analysis.
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