Definitions for "HPI"
European Metal Halide
Human Proteomics Initiative, by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), to annotate all known human sequences according to the quality standards of SWISS-PROT.
High pressure injection. A pump system, capable of pumping up to about 1,000 gallons a minute into the reactor coolant system; part of the emergency core cooling system. odine-131 - A radioactive form of iodine, with a half-life of 8.1 days, that can be absorbed by the human thyroid if inhaled or ingested and cause non-cancerous or cancerous growths.
The patient's account of related symptoms for today's visit. The HPI is generated with the use of templates in e-MDs Chart.
History of Present Illness. One of the most important parts of the H&P; tells the story of the problem that brought the patient to the doctor.
The patient's account of related symptoms for today's visit. The HPI is generated with the use of problem focused templates, handriting, voice dictation or handwriting and voice recognition.
House Price Index. A statistic designed to reflect the average growth/decline rate of house prices across the country or a certain area. Halifax, Nationwide and the Land Registry all produce widely used HPI's. We would recommend the Land Registry as the most accurate guide.
Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. This category of persons was the subject of self-identification in the United States census, and statistics in this category are from the United States census.
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HPI refers to checks carried out to ensure that a vehicle has no outstanding finance prior to sale or transfer. Also reveals if the vehicle has been imported or may have been written off in an accident
A registered information related check on a vehicle. Hire Purchase Information.
HPI is a finance company which holds details on vehicles currently on finance. A vehicle on finance is generally owned by the lender and is not to be sold without the lender being reimbursed.
Heifer Project International
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The number of holes (or threads) that a fabric has per inch. The higher the gauge, the finer the fabric.
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High Speed Portable Internet