Definitions for "Holon"
A holon is a system that contains other systems, and is itself contained within a larger system. For example, you are a holon, because your body contains a number of systems (nervous system, digestion system, brain, etc) but you are part of a larger system (a family), which is also part of a larger system (a settlement) ... and so on. This useful concept was originated by Arthur Koestler, in his 1967 book Ghost in the Machine.
The representation of an entity as a two-way window through which the environment influences the parts, through which the parts communicate as a unit to the rest of the universe (Greek holos= whole)(Allen and Starr 1982).
system that is itself a part of a larger system. In interepreting holons I have taken a position opposite that of Ken Wilber, who reduces the entire cosmos to nothing but holons, each of which are made up of four quadrants and so on, and other integral theorists who present holons in too generic a sense of any a whole that is itself a part of a larger whole. As indicated in the following diagram, holons are not "atoms", but autonomous systems in the sense of the term used by Erich Jantsch.
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a local discrete area where a least two layers of the M-Brane are coupled by a penetration
a sub-set of the M-Brane
a model for representing reality in general at different levels, physical, vital, mindal and the being
an arbitrary reference point that helps us to read the unfolding nature of holarchic reality through applying the tenets of integral theory
a fourfold entity with an interior (intension, consciousness, subjectivity) and an exterior (extension, form-matter, objectivity) dimension at an individual (localized) and a social (collective) level
an aggregate of meaning, consciousness, or activity working in some fashion as one unit
In the philosophy of history, a holon is a historical event that makes other historical events inevitable. A holon is a controversial concept, in that some reject the inevitability of any historical event. A special category of holon is technology, the view that technology dictates history.
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a bounded area or domain that interacts with other areas